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In the middle of a field, far out in the countryside, sits a lone manor.

That's the way it's always been. Always will be.

Then why is she here?

Why have you let her come? 


In the middle of a field, far out in the countryside, sits a lone manor.

Inside that manor, in the middle of the field, far out in the countryside, lives Amelie and her dear friend Lilika.

Forbidden from leaving the house, Amelie awaits the arrival of her long time penpal, Sofia, to Lilika’s dismay.

What secrets will Sofia unravel that were best kept buried?

And will she manage to survive the night?

Play as three different protagonists to uncover the full story and discover the truth about the lone manor.

🌸 A short, spooky story: At around 20,000 words/1 - 1.5 hours of playtime, Amelie is a short (and not so sweet) story about two girls in love, and another who lost her love.

🌸Captivating visuals: You'll be pulled right into the story with original illustrations by Alyssa Calderon and 瞬.

🌸 Three playable characters: You'll play as three different characters... Amelie, Sofia, and finally Lilika, to uncover the full story about what happened in the lone manor.

🌸 Gorgeous Music: Listen as the music accentuates Amelie's scenes, making both the heartwarming and slightly terrifying scenes come to life.

Content Warnings:
  • Jump scares
  • Suicide
  • Obsession
  • Death/Blood/Bones/Gore
  • Stalking
  • Pandemic mentioned
  • Flashing images
  • Brief domestic abuse

This game was created in two months for Yuri Game Jam 2021

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(90 total ratings)
AuthorTwo and a Half Studios
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsGay, girls-love, Horror, Lesbian, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Psychological Horror, Yuri
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese (Simplified)


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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Cute little bite-sized horror tale, though Sofia didn't feel very fleshed out. She's just "modern girl," she experiences strange stuff happening to her and resolutely doesn't mention any of it out loud (presumably because that would stand out as unusual in the Amelie route).




For some reason the deny your fate option doesnt show up for me at all, are there any requirements for it to show up?


It's generally bad form to ask an artist to explain their art, but I need to know: The pandemic lockdown was a clear influence. Was allegory your central drive, or is this strictly fiction for its own sake?


Good visual novel with a twist I did not see coming in that first route... That final scene tho, while I totally understand why you added it, it wasn't great for closure and peace of mind ^^'


For a game like this with so many fascinating endings and such beautiful art, even $4 for it is barely enough, and I feel guilty having paid near nothing for it in the bundle. Thank you for this neat little work of art!

Will I still be directly supporting you if i buy it thru steam? I have some money in my steam walleyt i could use. Thank you!

Yeah Steam purchases support us! <3 Thank you!


This game was such a blast to play! The music was eerie, yet nostalgic and I was on the edge of my seat while uncovering the story. First game from this studio and I very much enjoyed it!

I loved comparing paths and how the story was laid out to the player. It was addicting and I absolutely had to finish it in one go. Amelie and Sofia are very sweet (super super duper sweet) and I hope they appear again in future works!


Thank you so much for playing & enjoying the game! We really want to revisit Amelie and Sofia (and Lilika....) too <3

My favorite part was the background music; it really brought the story to life!

I also got this in a bundle and forgot it was a horror game XD. Very good game! Creepy, and sad, and a little sweet too.

Lovely game, I really enjoyed it!


nice game !

oh my god. oh my goddd T.T I loved this game! and that's high praise coming from me, a regular scaredy-cat. This was just the right amount of sad and spooky and beautiful, and by the time I got to the end of the story the other endings didn't bother me as badly. I'll be thinking about this story for a while.

Thank you so much <3

very satisfying to play, i love the multiple perspectives and little details like how ur choices in the amelie route come through in the sofia route... its short but incredibly competent and by far worth the price

This was a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon! I enjoyed the art style, and the story was good.

Bought in the Ukraine bundle and only tried it now I absolutely love it I got shivers in the ending absolutely amazing I'd absolutely love to see a sequel or prequel to this game

Thank you!! We'll keep a prequel or sequel in mind, then <3

I forgot this was a horror I was pleasantly surprised! the plot twist!!!

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Hi!!! Loved the game! Any way I could purchase an album? I had some difficulty finding anywhere to listen to it! Bandcamp? Youtube? 

The art, music and storytelling were just exquisite in delivering the perspectives of the three girls! The sense of unease gradually constructed through the tiniest hints in dialogue and descriptions was also quite well done, especially when contrasted by the sweet naivete of Amelie. I also enjoyed the fluff between Amelie and Sofia - the way they interact is so wholesome (here we ignore the persistent presence of Lilika doing her various things).

(Spoilers Ahead!)

I do wish some bits were more explored though, for example the relationship between Amelie and Sofia, Lilika's reason of obsession (specifically, exploration of how her bond with Marian came to be), and that little twist in the final ending... And I'm still a little confused by Lilika's origin story: like, what exactly did the lady do in the ritual? what are her motivations to go to such lengths to ensure Amelie's safety? what exactly was the ritual and function? how many staff were sacrificed? how does a lady know of such magicks?

Maybe I just prefer more detail and this was left artfully abstract, but I would have appreciated more narrative detail about the "before" upon which Lilika's character is based on. I also wish that there might actually exist an ending where all three girls can be content and happy - Lilika coming to a resolution about her existence, Sofia not brutally murdered by the end of the night, Amelie exploring the greater world and released from her state of limbo. 

But really, these are just me nitpicking an already fantastic game and, for its price, this is really worth it. The story kept me on my toes the whole time, and I'll be on a lookout for future releases from this team ^^

Thank you! Yes, it was kept abstract so that the players can think and decide for themselves - though someday we would like to maybe explore more about Lilika's past if there's enough want for it! Since we had less than two months to make the game with two people, we had to play around how much we could include and what would we could achieve, so I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Absolutely loved it, fantastic story telling!

I just played this with my sibling and we are both in absolute awe. We played through it in just two sittings and we were theorizing the whole time and like shocked at things together. We both nearly cried at a few parts, just from being so attached to these characters and we were on the edge of our seats. This was such a fantastic game, I absolutely need to recommend it to my friends and I can't wait to see what else you guys come out with <3

Thank you so so so much for enjoying it!!! <3

I played this game with a friend of mine and we absolutely loved it. Figuring out the story as we went along and speculating until the very end was great.


Trying to run this on mac, but it says "

The application “Amelie” can’t be opened.

Help, please?

An amazing little game, kept me captivated at every second. Incredible work from everyone who helped make it :)


Thank you so much, really glad you enjoyed it!


So, I bought the Ukraine bundle, read the description and the content warnings, thought "this is interesting", so I added this to my library... And didn't play it.

The next day, I was bored, so I decided, "oh! maybe i should play that cute lesbian visual novel", installed this and started playing. However, by that point, I had forgotten the content warnings. I remembered they existed, just not that so many existed - none of them are particularly iffy stuff for me, so I guess they just kind of clouded together?

Point is: I went in thinking this was just gonna be a cute visual novel about lesbians. Needless to say, I was very surprised when this turned out to be a horror game.

And it's great! I lack the words to describe how good my experience was, mostly because other reviews have said it all already, but I want to specifically touch on how the routes get progressively more "what the fuck"ey. I spent most of Amelie's route not ready for what was going to happen, Sofia's route is a survival horror gauntlet, and then Lilika's route is just... Something else.

I'd also like to point that Amelie and Sofia are relationship goals. But preferably, without all the psychological horror.

So yeah, great game, definitely recommend, the final moment of the true ending almost killed my anxiety-filled heart, and I want give Lilika a hug. She needs one


Aaaah thank you so much, I'm so happy you enjoyed the game. For us, it was a chance to experiment with what we could make in two months, and I'm so proud of the way it turned out, and these three are so very dear to me, so your words mean so much! Thank you! 


Short, but (bitter?)sweet visual novel I found myself invested in for the few hours it lasted! The character designs are cute, the music and atmosphere matched well with the changes of tone, and the story itself is well-put together and rewarding! 


Frankly awe-inspiring. The true ending was such a significant twist -- the fluff! Although that won't make up for the darker endings...

(Found this game through the Bundle for Ukraine!)

We're so happy you enjoyed it!!!

I absolutely adored this! I bought it as part of the Ukraine bundle and I would have paid $10 for this alone! What a wonderful story. 

Wow thank you, and DOUBLE thank you for supporting the bundle <3


Why isn't this game popular, i just finished playing, opened google to find some communities, and nothing 😭😭😭. This game has to be more popular.

Ahhh thank you so much, we're so glad you enjoyed it!!!


I couldn't sleep tonight, so I thought to myself, why not to play that cute little game I downloaded on my phone ? 

Well, I didn't expect it to scare me so much, thanks for that experience ! 

I hope Amelie, Sofia and Lilika are fine now.

i tried downloading it else where but it didn't work so im hear it works i cant wait

(2 edits) (+3)

this game was amazing!! i've been following your team for a long while now, and seeing you release this little wlw vn while waiting so patiently and dearly for your other works was so very nice!!! 

it definitely felt like a love letter to fans of sapphic games and horror titles -- i was left at the edge of my seat playing through this, and i simply could not put it down until i unlocked everything the game had to offer!!! 

the art style was gorgeous, especially the cg's!!!, and the different perspectives on this fateful night were fascinating -- getting to see the points of view of everyone involved in the plot made things very interesting and connected a lot of dots! 

another commenter mentioned the subtle changes to the dialogue as you continue playing, but even when you saw familiar lines it was very much a sort of 'oooohhh!!!' clarifying moment!! that sense of foreboding as the night continues, and more unfurls between our protagonists, was wonderfully executed!!! 

EDIT: how could i have forgotten to mention the ost?? it was so elegant... dainty, almost ephemeral, but also foreshadowing in a sense...? it gave off the ideal sense of the environment: a sprawling mansion deep within unknown lands, and the eloquence of a young sequestered woman, her dearest friend, and someone enchantingly new... very well done!!! ✨🌟⭐

i am definitely looking forward to your other works as well (tds is a big one, of course, and bta looks very very promising too!) !!! 

thank you for all of your hard work!!! 🥺💛


Thank you so much for your lovely commment! We're so happy to hear you enjoyed it <3


I really loved everything about this game. The horror, the visuals, the way the mystery unfurls as you play more and more. Huge kudos to the team!


Amelie is a beautiful game that will appeal to any fans of the Haunting of Hill House series. 

I'm quite the wimp when it comes to horror, but I became deeply engrossed in the story that slowly unravels itself to be more than it first appeared. (I love when games do that!) The entirety of the game took me over 2 hours, completing every route. Every CG and background made the experience great, and the sound changed at the appropriate times to amplify the suspense of it all. I was worried that for two hours, spending $4 would be a hard ask, but I'm happy to say that it was money well spent. A great entry to the Yuri Game Jam.

Thanks so  much! Glad you enjoyed it! 

Hello wonderful dev team! Thank you so much for creating Amelie, it was a psychological adventure I definitely won't forget. There were a lot of elements that I really enjoyed about Amelie - but I'll do my best to keep them brief here.

From start to finish the game had a really interesting plot line - immediately I was suspicious of our dearest Lilika but as the character with my favorite design I knew she'd be up to absolutely no good. I loved the subtle changes between routes - without spoiling anything, these really kept me on my toes and kept me interested in it's replay value. My gf and I couldn't stop playing until we finished the entire game all the way through. Your team created a masterful experience of storytelling, artwork, and sound design that made Amelie an entertaining and bewitching experience. 

We need more narratives like this. Ones that aren't afraid to explore dark and sometimes twisted themes, but still feature queer narratives that are relatable and interesting. A long distance relationship during a pandemic, family with pressures that nearly make our main character crumble, and the foreboding feeling of always being watched. I love, love, loved it! Thank you so much again for creating this game, and I look forward to continuing to enjoy your works in the future! ♥


(Some notes on typos below if you'd like them!)

"Bannister" should be "Banister"

And where there is "yellow age bone" it should be yellow aged bone"

I hope this helps!

Thank you so much for your kind words!! We're so happy to hear you enjoyed Amelie. And thanks for pointing out those mistakes! As it turns out, no amount of testing lets you catch everything... we'll have a fix up for those soon :


First purchase on the site, very interesting and enjoyable experience! I think the true horror was this reminded me of how my family has been the past year ;_; there was an extra letter capitalized in one scene I could go and find it again if you decide to want to fix it 

Thank you! If you have the chance that would be great!

It happens during Lilika's route where you don't do anything until the end where you're given "allow her fate" or "deny her fate" and you choose to deny