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Will this game be available in other regions as well?? We don't have a dollar system where I'm from and paying is a bit tedious... so..?

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The game will be available on both itch and Steam.  Any payments you make will be converted from your local currency. We don't have any plans to release anywhere that charges anything apart from USD or yen. (However, Steam may be available in your own currency!)


when you'll release the full game?


Hi Ozawashuri! 

We expect the game to be released Q1 2021. If you want to follow our progress, feel free to check out our twitter!


Alright, looking forward to it!

I love everything about the Demo, the soundtrack, the characters, the plot, the voice acting, the art, everything!! I can't wait till the full release comes out!

I have really loved the demo, played it twice the quality of the scenery, the voice, the athmosphere the writing and the personality of the characters are insane, you did a really great work, but I was wondering, because the divine speaker is my favorite so far, will he be a love interest? :)


Hi Kyokatemini,

Thank you so much for your kind words! We're so happy you enjoyed the demo.

Unfortunately, the Divine Speaker won't be a love interest for Raen, but I think you'll enjoy how his story develops later ;)

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Hey there!
I'm totally fell in love with your game. 

I have got a few questions, and I would be thankful if you could awnser a few of these.

How much is it going to cost when it's finished?

When is it going to approximately launch? 

Is it going to launch on steam too?

Anyway, I'll definitely buy it if it's below $100. Please don't rush the development, take your time. The Demo is the best VN I have ever played, and I'm extremely excited for the finished version. I absolutely love the Characters, the artwork and the storyline. Also I'm pretty happy that this game won't be censored, Visual Novels get ruined this way. (At least I think so!) 

I'll definitely tell my friends about that game. (I think they'd love it!) Also I'm going to rate it 5 stars. You deserve it!

I'm soooo excited for Cyne! (And of course his relationship with Raen) I think he'll be my favourite character, I love this character-type! ^^

Anyway, I'm sorry for taking your time.

Keep up the good work! ^^

Hi F0Xx,

Thank you so much for your kind words! We're so happy that you enjoyed the demo, and overjoyed that you've called it the best visual novel you've ever played.

As for your questions,  we plan for it to be around $29.99, and it will be out early 2021. Yes, it will launch on both Steam and Itch!

If you want to keep up to date with announcements, sneak peaks, etc. you can follow us here on Twitter. We've put up a lot of previews lately, too!

Thanks so much!

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Hey there!

(By the way: I'm sorry about my deleted post! I wanted to edit the post, but then I unintentionally deleted the post. I'll just write it again.)

Thanks a million for the reply! I am super satisfied with the estimated price. I also wanted to thank you. About a few hours ago, I played the demo again. It inspired me to create something myself! Right now I'm working on a script for my own visual novel. 

It has never happened before that a visual novel/book/manga inspired me that much. I'm extremely happy. I'll surely continue following the development of the game. 

Sorry for taking your time and for my unintenional mistake. 

Thanks again, I'm sure that your visual novel will get more thankful Fans like me in the future.

(Edit: I checked your twitter account, and it's awsome. I'll consider creating an account!)

Greetings! ^^

You played it again! Wow, thank you so much. 

We can't wait to see the game that you come up with - I'm sure it'll be amazing. If you want, we also have a Discord, and we'd love to hear about it!


I can't download the demo for Android ;-; when I click install it says application was not installed 😞

Hi Tayuyya,

Thanks for your comment! I'm sad to hear that you can't get it to install. Have you made sure to allow installs from unknown sources on your phone? If not, here's how you do it:

1) Before you can install apps to your phone from the web, you need to make sure that they're allowed on your device. Go to Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to allow your phone to install apps from other sources.

2) Download the APK to your phone. Navigate to the file and click on it to begin installation.

3) Once it's installed, you'll be able to play the game!

Hopefully that helps!

Played through the android demo (Thanks for adding that to your playable options). Seems nice and liking forward for its future. The swipe controls were a nice option. Two questions though. 

Will the itchio build for android still have an R-18 option? (Since I know it can't be for Google play. ) and

What was cut for the android demo it takes half the Mb it does for the pc files and usually the games that have both will have the android build about the same if not slightly more. 

Thanks for your continued work on this project.



Yes, the itchio build for android will be fully 18+, the exact same as the PC build. The Google Play build will be all ages.

Nothing was cut! With the android ver. we scaled down artworks and BGs, since they didn't need to be as large as the PC version. Don't worry about anything being missing from the android build, we just further optimized the build.


hi there! sorry if this has been asked before, I didn't see this as I scrolled through--

will you include the option to turn off voices in the settings menu for the full game? the voices are lovely, i just find them distracting, and i still want to experience the music/sfx.



Yes, the extended demo (and full game) will have a slider for voice volume/control.


Hello, I downloaded the demo on my android and I don't know where to find the actual app. I can only locate the file to download the game but not the app after the fact, does that make sense?Can anyone help me?? Please XD 

Hi KazuMae!

Unfortunately the way to install an APK from outside of Google Play is a little annoying, but I'll put the steps below:

1) Before you can install apps to your phone from the web, you need to make sure that they're allowed on your device. Go to Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to allow your phone to install apps from other sources.

2) Download the APK to your phone. Navigate to the file and click on it to begin installation.

3) Once it's installed, you'll be able to play the game!

We're currently in the process of getting the demo onto Google Play, so if you can't work it out then you'll be able to download it from there easily soon. 

Thank you for your support of TDS!

Oh, I've already downloaded it but I can't find the application after I close it to open it again.

Hi again KazuMae,

It should be alongside any of your other apps after install. I'll have a look into it for you, if you still can't find it.



Thank you so much~! After some digging I've finally it, it was hiding from me XD 

I just discovered this game and played the demo, and it's awesome! I can't wait for the release, I'm surely going to buy it! 

PS: Do you plan to ever do an italian translation? Just wondering, since it's my first language hahah.

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Thank you so much for your kind words! We're so happy to hear that you enjoyed it!

Italian! It wasn't something we thought of, but I'll note it down and see if we get any other requests :)

Congratulations for this demo. The credits are splendid with the sketches that come alive. The graphics are sublime, the story very well thought out.
And the translation excellent! (I am French).
I will follow this project very carefully and look forward to purchasing the finished game.
Bravo Bravo Bravo!

Thank you so much for your kind words! 

We're so glad you enjoyed the demo - if you have Twitter, you should follow us there for even more art and updates!

Thank you!

is the game finished? I have a hard time knowing if its just the demo or not? Reallly wanna get the full version!

Hi! This is just the demo - we have an extended demo coming out soon! You can follow us on Twitter to see more updates, if you want :)


I love love LOVE the new voice for Fawn! The more realistic, less cartoony sound is a huge improvement. He fits in a lot better with the rest of the cast now. Fantastic job guys!


i just played the demo and IT'S SO AMAZING!! I really love the art style of the story and the voices are so great.. Leos really killed me like GODDAMN HIS VOICE WITH THAT VISUAL ( and i'm glad he's a top :3 )

And i read this game is unsencored and 18+ content ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But i kinda have a little concern with Fawn.. he's so cute and his voice is so sweet, so i can't see him as a top :( i read your comment and you said Fawn x Raen can be switch, but i think Cyne can go with switch.. BUT that's just my opinion so please don't bully me :(

anyhow i wish for the best for y'all and can't wait for more updates <3


Thank you so much for playing the demo! Yes, you read right. Cyne is purely a bottom (decided by him!) and Fawn is a switch. We'll also be making an update to his voice in the future. Thanks again! 

I Played the Demo! It's amazing. You guys have really outdone yourselves. But, I have a question. Will the game be free once fully released? I just wanted to know ahead of time! I might have missed it while I was reading everything, though. Anyway, I hope you have a nice day~

Thank you so much for playing the demo! We're so happy you enjoyed it. We ran our Kickstarter around 6 months ago now, which funded the game. It will be available to purchase in the future! Thanks!


Just finished playing the demo and I freaking LOVE IT AH. The story is interesting and the game got me hooked already. I really wanna keep playing it and find out more. I am definitely buying it once its released. And the voice acting in this is awesome it certainly suits the characters looks. I was smiling when Fawn was speaking that boy is so cute and Leo s is certainly cheeky I cant wait to meet Cyne as well and I certainly cant wait to play more.


Thank you very much for playing (and enjoying) the demo! It makes us so happy to hear!

I hope you'll also enjoy the extended demo, which will be coming out in the new few months. 

Thank you!!!


OOOO I can't wait :D

i saw the demo and im actually really, REALLY interested in this game, mainly because it has an amazing story and art!! one question though, i noticed the nsfw, fully uncensored 18+ content ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and would like to ask- 

 would we be able to know beforehand who is top and who is bottom? or do we have to tell just by looking? because frankly, i'm having trouble figuring out which one Leos is XD well, unless he goes both ways lol. other than that i really enjoyed the demo and am looking forward to when the game launches!!!


Hello Kliover!

Thank you so much for your review! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the demo. Yes, I'm happy to answer that for you ;)

Leos/Raen - Top/Bottom

Fawn/Raen - Switch/Switch

Cyne/Raen - Bottom/Top

So, we have a bit of everything! Raen and Fawn are happy to go either way, Cyne purely bottoms, and Leos only tops in the game, but he may be convinced to try something new ;)

Thanks again!

I just rated the demo but I don't know whether you can see it. But to sum it up: I'm hooked. The story, the characters, the layouts and aesthetics, the soundtracks , the art style and CGs, the mistery. the fact that is is fully voiced, I'm loving it ;) and also the boys are all pretty smexy I don't even know where to start. Since I love the teasing types I think I'll be pretty happy about those love interests :D :3


Thank you! We're so happy to hear you enjoyed the demo <3 We can't wait to bring out the extended version soon! (The first build is now available on Patreon, but once everything is polished and done we'll be posting it here!)


I look forward to getting to know Cyne. 😉

Cyne is REALLY looking forward to getting to know Raen ;) 

I just happened to discover this while aimlessly browsing and ugh Fawn is so cute I just wanna bully him. can't wait for a full release!

Thank you! I hope you look forward to bullying him, then! :D 

When will it be realeased?

Hi! We recently ran our Kickstarter to fund the rest of the game. Currently, we're looking at an early 2021 release, but we'll be releasing a free extended demo (around 60-70k words, compared to the 9k of the original demo) when it's ready! Thanks for your support! 

Wow, that's too much! This game is too wonderful to make me wait so long !TOT I'll wait patiently, I know games so well mades like this one take a long time to be done. Keep going with the amazing work.

Thank you so much for your kind words! 

That really means so much to us, to hear you enjoy it so much! Don't worry, we also want to get it out as soon as possible, and thank you for being so patient. <3

So sad I'm late for the kickstarter campaign :( The game is so lovely!

Thank you so much! 

How expensive will it be?


Hi Rui! The price is TBC. You should expect around $20-$25 for the full game :) 

I just finished the demo and holy cow I can't wait for this game! The art is so beautiful.


Thank you so much! We've been working really hard on the extended demo, so I hope you'll play that too when it's ready! 

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I'm quite interested to see the final game!  I'm quite intrigued by the possibility of a prequel game, too.  What are the chances of a separate Kickstarter for it, in the event that the stretch goal isn't reached?  It seems like a shame to let the idea go to waste.

Hi! Thank you so much for your comment. I'm also super excited about the prequel, and I wouldn't worry too much! We're less than $500 away! If it isn't reached, we'll think about the best way to make it happen.

Thank again!! 

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Hi Meowiecakes!

Thank you so much!! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed it. I hope you'll enjoy the full game, too! 


It's been a while since I played the demo of The Divine Speaker, but since the game was so great, I finally decided to write down my feelings about it. English is not my first language, but I try my best to bring the message home.

The brilliance of the game starts right at the beginning with the opening scene. It’s not complete at this point, but already gives an idea of how extensive and detailed the finished sequence will be. Since only a few Visual Novels contain animations, this is a special feature that immediately catches your eye. Especially the body movements of the characters give the impression of watching an anime. It looks so professional it is hard to imagine that only a small team has done that. And it's their first VN! Kudos!

I also love the sprites and CG's. You can tell right away that the artists put a lot of effort into shaping the world. I especially love the frequency of the CG’s. This way, the world seems much more alive than it would be without them. The beautiful backgrounds impress me the most. In many visual novels, they are second thought or in need of improvement. Here, however, they look very detailed and atmospheric.  It’s very easy to look at them and feel like a part of the world.

The same thing can be said about the wonderful music. I especially like the opening sequence, which is not only animated but also has an own song, which is very memorable. Both composer and vocal artist have done a really great job. But the other music pieces are also very melodic and atmospheric. I can’t wait to hear more of these beautiful pieces of art in the later course of game.

Also worth mentioning is the general atmosphere of the game. Funny scenes take turns with serious and sad scenes. It’s easy for the player to share many different feelings with the characters. I especially like the little horror elements that were included in the demo, for example the backpack scene. You really feel sorry for poor Raen at that moment.

Also a big THANK YOU for the many different languages the game has to offer. Usually I have to stay with English. But since English is not my native language and I don’t understand some words and therefore have to look them up, my flow of play is often disturbed at some points. It is a great bonus for me to be able to play in my own language.

The characters are also very intriguing, Leos for example is a fascinating guy. I wonder why he lied to Raen and got him into trouble. What’s his agenda? Why did he do such a thing to a person he doesn’t even know? I really want to find out. Plus his voice is hot as hell! Fawn already makes a very likeable impression. I especially like his wisdom and gentleness. I hope he shows more of these personality traits as the game progresses. It makes him so sweet and kind. I'm also curious about Cyne. Since he’s the only one we haven’t seen at this point, he’s kind of a mystery. But judging from his description, it could become a very interesting (and difficult) ‘ride’ with him. I'm curious. ; )

For the most part, the dialogues are very good and impressively show how different the characters talk and act. Especially The Speaker fascinates me. I really hope that the stretch goal with his background story will be reached. I would love to learn more about his past and, ideally, experience it first-hand.

Written language is the foundation of every story. That's why it's always very important to me that dialogues, inner monologues, and thoughts are plausible and make sense. They are crucial to whether or not you can relate to the characters in the course of the events. Without proper language, there’s no way to feel different emotions for them. I’m glad The Divine Speaker works so well at this point. It’s easy to understand how Raen and Fawn feel at various situations.

There are only few situations where I can’t understand or follow Rae’s way (or lack) of thinking. But please don’t take this personally, it’s just the way how I feel and reflects my subjective impression. I remember two situations that seemed a bit strange to me. At the beginning Raen told the orphan that bad guys and dangerous animals live in the forest around Aurelia Cavella. Shortly afterwards, the orphan asks him if really everyone lives in Aurelia Cavella and he says yes. But how can everyone live there if there are bad guys in the forest at the same time? I was also wondering why Raen is not surprised that there are so many human-made objects lying around the river in the forest, although allegedly everyone in the entire world lives in Aurelia Cavella? I mean, there were obviously a lot of things lying around there. It seems unlikely that the people in Aurelia Cavella threw all of them into the river and then they continued to flow to the forest. Especially the scrolls and books in Fawn's room would never have survived this way. Even someone as naive as Raen should be skeptical about the things they told him in Aurelia Cavella after seeing Fawns house and listening to his speech about other cities. I understand that he did not immediately have a clear head for those thoughts, but later he should have noticed that. I also wonder if he didn’t hear what the speaker said about his father when he chased Raen out into the forest, or if it just didn’t seem important enough to him at that moment? But if the latter is the case, why doesn’t he remember it afterwards? Why doesn’t he think that’s important? These are all little moments in which I wished Raen was a bit more thoughtful. He may be naive, but he is not stupid. And that's why it sometimes seems strange to me that he doesn’t question or wonder about various things at all… at least in situations where I think everyone would be skeptical. But as I said before, that's just my subjective impression. 

The other thing that bothered me a bit was the long pauses between the interactive scenes. I would have wished for more choices, even if not all of them had long term consequences. It would give more individuality to a playthrough.

However, apart from these two points, I was very satisfied and can fully recommend the game at this stage. I'm really looking forward to the final product. You do a great job! Thank you so much. It was a great experience, and I’m sure I’ll play the demo again. : )


Hi Eichhirnchen!

Thank you so much for your wonderfully detailed review! I really enjoyed reading through it. I'm so glad you enjoyed the demo, we can't wait to bring out even more.

Rest assured that a lot of the things you pointed out don't get forgotten! Quite a lot of the game is already written, and most (if not all!) or your points are addressed. Raen's only been away from home a couple of days, give him some time ot get used to things and it'll all start to settle in ;). 

As for the "bad guys", it's mostly just something you tell to scare little children and to keep them away. None of them really know whats out there, after all.

You'll find a lot more choices as the game progresses too! Since the demo only captures the first chapter, there's very little, so look forward to more!

Thank you again for writing all of that out!

- Gabby


Thank you so much for answering and dispel my worries. I'm happy to hear that there'll be more choices during the course of the game. I really love choices. <3 Can't wait to play through all of it. I wish you the best of luck and hope your kickstarter campaign will be a great success! You'd deserve it.

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Okay so first of... This game is gorgeous! Both the art and the music are AMAZING!  Man I wish the demo was longer! 

I was surprised by the amount of CGs, honestly. I didn't think it'll have so many. But the thing I'm the most amazed with is the opening. Once finished, it'll be the prettiest thing ever. I just can't wait!

Anyway, enough with the excited talk! I hope the kickstarter succeeds - it seems to be going smoothly so far so that's something!

As for more in depth opinions, well... first off, let's put a warning for people who are not the devs...

--------------SPOILERS AHEAD--------------

So, with that being said and done...

Let's start with the overall story. It's interesting, obviously - I wouldn't be so excited otherwise. I'm not very fond of the "hero being exiled from his homeland because of a misunderstanding or something along these lines" trope, but the rest of the story so far makes up for that, so I don't mind that much. The whole weird dreams and marking appearing on arms thing  along with the forest setting remind me a bit of Lamento, but considering Lamento is one of my favorite games ever, it's a compliment! 

I'm curious about the bloodlines - it seems to be a major plot-point, maybe even the main one, but obviously it's too early to know anything more about it. 

Unsurprisingly, Leos is my favorite character - he's just exactly my type so yeah, nothing I could do about it. I just wish there were more of him, but again, I'm sure I'll see him at some point before the final release, in the next builts, so I'll be waiting patiently.

What was unexpected on the other hand was for me to like Fawn as much as I did, and not only because he's the only love interest Raen really spends time with in the demo. I usually don't like characters like him, at least as love interest, but he's just too sweet, so yeah. Still, Leos remains and will remain my favorite.

Not much to say about Cyne right now for obvious reasons, but I can't say I like the Speaker. Not necessarily because of what he did during the demo, but simply because I don't like his aura or something. He makes me uneasy. 

As for Raen, he's a sweet main character, and I think it's lovely that his name sounds a lot like "Rain" - I didn't really read it that way before hearing the voice acting, but I like it. Also, I don't really know if it's because of the art style or if it was on purpose, but he seems to be a bit cross-eyed and for some reason I think it suits him a lot and makes him look even lovelier. Though... is it actually on purpose? I don't mean to insult if it wasn't the case, maybe it's just me who sees it that way - but well, I think he looks pretty that way in any case!

I'd like to ask a couple of questions too!

- I see you put a rough estimation of the release date you're aiming for, but I'd love to know if you have any estimates for the next built releases, either public or beta (both are fine to me since I've pledged as a betatester)

- It seems the game will be very long. Do you know how many hours more or less? I'm just curious about what to expect!

- Thank gods the game will be mostly about the story and character evolution and stuff, and not focused on the mature content - it would be a shame! But I can't help but notice you said "while there is a multitude of NSFW sex scenes" - does that mean there is more than one or two scenes per route? In most story focused R-18 games of that style there is only one or two adult scenes per route so, again, I'm curious!

- Are you planning to add the opening (and ending/s if you plan on having an animated one) to the image gallery, or make a gallery for movies? It would be great to be able to re-watch that little gem anytime!

And I think that'll be all!

Good luck with the project - you're doing great so far!

Hi Konoi! 

Thanks so much for your glowing review. Really, it warms my heart to see someone talk about our game so indepth. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

I can see why you're a fan of Leos, and it's not a long wait until he "rejoins" the group, so to speak. Look forward to it! Also, we're big fans of Lamento too, so to even be compared like that is a huge compliment!

So, to answer your questions:

1. We won't be doing public build, apart from the demo + extended demo in the future. Since you've pledged as a beta tester, you'll get to try out all of our build along the way! I'm currently working on editing + programming in the next couple of chapters, so you should expect a new build in the next couple of months. It'll most likely be without voice acting, but we'll see how we go!

2. As for length, we're aiming for around 200-250k words. Depending on your reading speed, this is anywhere from 18-25 hours+ of game. It could also end up longer, but that's the general amount we're aiming for!

3. We're aiming for around 3-5 per route! It'll differ between the different characters, and could increase since we have Patrons supporting us for extra things like that.  It's a long game though, so you won't find these jam packed in with no story content, don't worry. NSFW scenes and story are both important to us, but there's no point in mindless smut! (Unless you're Cyne, of course.)

4. Oooh! That's something we didn't think about! Yes, we'll add the opening movie to the Gallery in the next update. 

If you haven't, I encourage you to join our Discord! Once the KS is up, we'll have a private channel for Beta Testers!

Thank you again for your review, and I hope you're looking forward to more of The Divine Speaker!


Thanks for your answers! (and so fast haha!)

Yeah, I'll join the Discord, but I'll do it tomorrow - it's late here, and I have work tomorrow morning, sadly. No point in joining now and staying up late to check the channels - I know I won't be able to help it so yeah, waiting till tomorrow is for the best!

Fantastic! :D 

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ok just played the demo and the art is GORGEOUS! the music is pretty, was not expecting voice acting so am very pleasantly surprised, matron had a lovely voice, Leos has a super sexy voice loving him, fawn is a super cutie and soooo romancing him first we must protect the cutie!!! he is too precious for this word! T.T also was that friday the 13th sounding music in the woods intentional? lolol


Hi Sandpixie,

Thanks so much for playing the demo! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

All of our voice actors are fantastic and I'm so glad we've got the chance to work with them.

And Fawn is adorable! I think you'll really enjoy his route if you want to protect him ;)

Also, the spooky music was pretty spooky, right? We've got even more tracks to add after the demo!

Thanks again,



Fawn for the win for sure. 💯 Fawn isn't the only reason I'm excited for this game but definitely the main reason. <3

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SPOILERS for the demo.

The demo was pretty great! The voice acting was a pleasant surprise for me and I really enjoy it and it makes me wonder if the entire game will be fully voice acted or maybe partially so. The art style was very nice and I really like the character designs. The backgrounds and character sprites fit well together in a way that the characters looked like they actually belonged there. The music was pleasant to listen to and didn't grate on my ears as I played through the game. Most music fit the scenes well enough and it never really felt outta place.

I love Fawn the most out of all of them so far. He's the cutest little hoarder I've ever seen and in his defense it doesn't look that bad in his treehouse. His voice is very sweet and soft and it fits him well.  It was very cute to see him act so shyly around Raen at first and it was pretty funny that he couldn't help, but stare down south when Raen tackled him down. He does show an endearing childish side when he warms up to him and knows he won't hurt him. The scene with them sitting under the stars was pretty cute and the fact that he barely noticed he was still holding Raen's hand tell me that he's either pretty attention starved or got so excited, he didn't notice.

We didn't get to really see much of Leos and Cyne though. Leos just kinda popped up to throw poor Raen into the situation he found himself in. I'll say this right now, I don't trust the speaker since it seemed like he or the lord set this up. Leos lying to Raen, Raen getting caught in the archives, and the fact that the lord popped in at just the right moment to save him from an execution. It definitely seems suspicious and I can't wait to see how the story unfolds.


Thank you so much for playing the demo! 

I'm glad you enjoyed this short little look into The Divine Speaker. This is only the start, and Leos comes back in permanently a short while after the demo ends. Cyne doesn't appear for quite a few hours! We also wish we could've shown them off more, but since the demo only covered the prologue and chapter 1 it wasn't really possible.

The rest of the game being fully voiced depends on our Kickstarter (Which launches tomorrow! In around 13 hours!). We really, really hope we can do this, because we believe that it really adds to the experience and we love our voice actors.

Who knows about Leos, the Speaker and the Lord, though! You'll have to play the full game to find out. Let me just say that even if something seems like chance, Raen will quickly find out that maybe things are more planned out than he first thought.

(P.s Fawn's my favourite too, don't tell the other dev)

Thanks for the review! 

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I figured the full voice acting would be under a stretch goal and I do hope it gets hit after it gets funded. I also do realize Leos came back at the end for the 'Thank you', I just forgot it in my very scattered review. If I can, I'll  donate to the Kickstarter.

Thank you so much! Just reading your review was fantastic.

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is the demo out anywhere? :3


Keep an eye out in the next 12 hours ;)


How come I've never come across this?!?! This looks absolutely amazing! It's so cute, has a great art and has a great plot.  Can't wait to see progress >.<

Thank you so much! We can't wait to bring the demo out! We're currently beta testing it for any issues and then we'll have a public release in the next few days. If you get the chance, feel free to join our Discord or follow us on Twitter, where we make the most posts.

Thank you for your support! <3 

oh this is SO CUTE!! really excited to see the progress! WANT


Thank you so much! Feel free to keep an eye on our twitter - we make a lot of announcements and update posts there! Plus, we're holding an art poll right now. :D 

I can't wait to play this game! The story is intriguing, the art looks amazing and the characters all looks interesting! The main character seems cute and kind and my favourite love interest has to be Leos! \o/ Good luck on your progress and we all can't wait to play it! <3

I'm looking forward to this game!

It looks interesting, especially Cyne! :D

I hope you update soon! Take your time, though!

Thank you so much for your support! We're so happy to hear that you're a fan of Cyne :) If you want to see updates, feel free to join our discord/follow us on Twitter! 

This looks amazing! Are you guys going to have a Kickstarter? I'd love to pledge and help!

Hi AnnaMarieJ3! 

Yes! We'll be having a kickstarter once the demo is complete, in the early new year. Thank you so much for your support! 

Now this looks interesting and gorgeous!

I'll follow the project! Good luck guys!

Thanks so much Konoi! We're waiting on a few more CGs and our demo will be complete! If you want to see updates, please check out our Twitter :) 

Great to have you! 

Would this be coming to Mac?


Hi WaverlyAlexa! Yes, The Divine Speaker will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux! 

Awesome! Looking forward to it! Good luck

**makes grabby hands** come here you yummy looking red haired man! Two of my weaknesses in one place! *Squeeee!* Literally yelled "I have a thing for redheads!" when I saw him. That applies to men and women.

Thanks so much for your comment! This one made us laugh :D

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