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This game is absolutely FANTASTIC. The writing, the characters, the art all phenomenal! 10/10 in my opinion and I do not say this lightly. (It's also one of the longest VN's I've played - I usually breeze through even the longer ones in 8-9 hours, but it took me at least 12 to complete ONE romantic route.)

However, I almost skipped over it, as the description was not very compelling. I would recommend updating it a bit, as it does no justice to how wonderful this really is, and I wouldn't want it to be missed for such a silly reason. 

For anyone on the fence, here is my attempt to convince you! (No spoilers) 

You play as Raen, a naïve, innocent protagonist ousted from his home under false - possibly nefarious - pretenses. As you journey to find out why this has happened to you and find out what the strange markings on your arm that suddenly appeared mean, you make new friends in Fawn, Leos and Cyne - all outcasts in their own way -  along with an incredibly varied and fun cast of characters who may help - or harm - as you make your way through a journey of mystery, magic and secrets. 

For anyone on the fence about purchasing, please do it so the dev team can continue projects like this! <3 


I definitely agree! And yes, it’s a large game but has a lot of depth and more than one story to explore<3


I agree wholeheartedly! :) The length wasn't a complaint, I was honestly super impressed! It gave me time to really learn about and love the characters. :)

Yeah, I didn’t mean to imply you said it was a bad thing I was just adding on to what you were saying!

You convinced me to buy it on Steam. Thank you! :D

I'm so glad! I hope you love it! :D 

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Hey! I just bought the game and am looking forward to playing it, but can't seem to download it! I use the app, and when I try to download the dropdown menu "Install" where you choose the build has no options. When I try anyways it produces the message "While queuing download: TypeError: Cannot read property 'build' of undefined". Not sure if this is due to the new update that seems to have released. 

I ended up downloading through the itchio website, and I'm able to launch it that way but thought I'd comment abt the problem anyways.

Thank you, this should hopefully be fixed now!

Hey, so I was trying to play the game again so I can hear the Leos route VAing but my save files are broken and some options are missing. I keep looping at Oxhabor when the trio is looking for clues and with the only option to go to the fortune teller over an over in an endless loop. Does anyone have any way to fix this?

Nevermind, I found out that I just needed to delete my saves

So if anyone else has this issue I hope you found this instead of going on a large journey

(Honestly my entire day just was me trying to figure out how to fix it)

How do you delete your saves? Because I am running into the same issues.

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I believe someone on Steam said how, I think it’s the “delete” key but I can’t remember. Also make sure you only have one downloaded file, that also causes issues

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for anyone that read my cons and pros before, I just updated my feelings on voice acting. (they are all good, in fact the mc's and leos are my favorite. better than most other bl games i played in english. The people you got to voice this bl game obviously understand great voice acting.)

I have a question in the gallery between 69 pose with fawn and their first appearance of 2 empty scenes, how can I get them?


Is somewhere a walkthrough? . Googled: The Devine Speaker Walkthrough and found this (don't know if it's good or not)


Our official artbook comes with a guide in it:


Hi ! I’ve just discovered the game and Fawn is my favorite character ! Any news on his voice patch ? I wanted to play his route first but I feel like I’ll miss out if I don’t wait for the VA so I’m waiting ! Is there a set date for his voice patch release ? 

It's out!


Estoy muy emocionada esperando la ruta de Fawn con el parche de voz! Tuve mucha suerte comprandolo en steam hace un tiempo. Su trabajo es maravilloso, muchas gracias <3

Jonah Scotts brilliant voice acting brought me here. I loved how he brought August Willenheim to live in the game 'When the Night comes' and was so happy to find another gem like it. Is there any place where I can find more of his work? Thank you for this beautiful game and all the effort you put in it! Hope to see more of the Two and a Half Studio soon.

hello! Any notice for Fawn patch voice?

I’m playing Leos route now and I’m loving every second! 


Very soon! We're waiting on a handful of actors to do their pickup lines (lines that need redoing or were missed) then we'll be ready for release!

Is this game also available on a phone? Ive seen this game in the playstore, but its only the demo. Will the full game be released on an app once all routes are voiced?

Helloo!!  I just wanted to check in.  Jast has still not updated their website yet with the voice patch and have actually told me they were not notified that there was a voice patch released.   Any recommendations on how to proceed?  Will I have to just buy the game again elsewhere that has the patch?  I don't doubt you guys have sent it to them seeing as it takes them anywhere between 15 days to a month to answer my tickets.  Thanks for your help!

Hey there, that's... disappointing. I don't advise rebuying the game, I'll contact the person who runs JAST BLUE and ask for an update directly from her. For now, send an email to and someone will hook you up with a Steam code for the game.

 Thank you for your patience!

Thank you so much! Someone finally answered my ticket this evening and said it was uploaded, but I'm not seeing it in their patches or under the game download.  I'll try reinstalling the game off their site and see if that gets me anywhere.  Thanks so much for your help, I greatly appreciate it!

Hey can you update if the re-install worked for you? I also bought mine off of JAST and have been checking in daily to see if they update was there... 

Yes! Sorry I didn't update, life has been crazy beans lately.  It does seem to be working now that I reinstalled. 

thank you!! I'll try it myself to see once I get my pc fixed (lol) thanks for the update in the meantime!!


hello, just wanted to ask if the Fawn route voice patch will be released soon. TwT

P.S: I congratulate you for making a game as beautiful as this one, >w<

Does anyone know when Jast will be updating the game with Leo's voice patch?  I stumbled upon this game on their site and hadn't realized I could buy it here or that it would take so long for them to update the game when patches came out.  I won't be making that mistake again!


Sorry, we don't know when - JAST controls uploads and we can't do anything to speed it up. It's been sent to them, so hopefully not long!

No worries, I created a ticket with them to try and get an update, but they have yet to answer and it's been at least 13 days.  Is there anywhere else I can get the patch or am I just out of luck until Jast updates their site?

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Wow, I happened upon this literally the same day the Leos route voice patch came out, what fortuitous timing! This whole story is lovely, from the VA, the art, the music—phenomenal. It’s so clear that all the artists involved put so much time, love, and magic into this. Fawn is my fav, I’m so excited for that last patch to come out. Saving the best for last!

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The game is still being updated on JAST :)


Uwaaa, Leo's VA is out <3 played it in steam and it was truly magnificent

Hello! Thank you so much for this beautiful game, i was just waiting the voice patch to download, but i have a question, after this voice patch, will be another voice patch or they all voiced now?

Just Fawn's route to go, a little later this month :)


I am so hyped to reinstall and play Leos fully voiced route!! He is the best boy for me....I do have a thing for red heads so, he is perfect!!!!! Downloading right now and cannot wait to get started all over again!

I have a question would I have to purchase the game again in order to obtain Leos and Fawn's Voice patch? Or would I have to delete my current one and download it again?

Just delete and redownload :)

Great. Thanks! P.S. Best game ever!

Thank you so much!!! <3

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* update*

I forgot to actually update, I judged the mc voice actor to harshly in my first play through, it's actually very very good. Please disregard anything i said about the Mc's voice.

great game.


Art was probably the best thing about the game. I would even say better art than some of Nitrol+Chiral games and they are very successful developer.

Story was really good. I loved the story, fantasy is always my cup of tea. The pacing was excellent too, nothing felt rushed or dragged down.

Romance was excellent. Some games make mistake by not actually building up a believable romance, but this game does a great job at actually taking you through how a romance would naturally be built up and of course in different ways based on the character you go for. The romance also always present throughout the story, so you never feel that all of sudden the characters forget they like each other.

Side characters have story. It's actually amazing to see a game not just use the side characters as plot movers but actually give them a story and focus a little on their romance.

Voice acting is actually decent. Unfortunately i didn't feel MC voice fit his character, so i had to mute that one... however everyone else's completely fit. Also there was actually emotion... like thank goodness, too many BL games kept using this one infamous voice actor that i swear never understood the "act" part of actor and read everything very monotone.

Cons *not many*: 

Writing could be better. This is naturally going to be a thing since writing is hard to get right and can take a long while to actually perfect. The writing in this story started off very strong but started to fall flat in 2nd half of game. The reason I say this because in the 2nd half some of the bigger plot points started to get explained through a single dialogue scene. I do make me wonder if this was truly just a fault of the writing or because lack of budget. Since I imagine if the developer actually explained some of these bigger plots throughout the story it would make the game longer.

Music is ok. The soundtrack wasn't anything amazing, in fact kind of forgettable, but at least you can tell effort was really put in there. I do feel bad saying that since there was an actual singer used, it just at least to me didn't really seem that great.

This last part isn't really a con just my on personal preference. I wish there could have been one more top besides Leos. I always like it when romance options are a bit more even in that way. However, if doing that would just end up causing the story and writing to suffer than it's better to not do that at all.


Hai, I bought this game for a few months now and I wanted to know when is Leo's voice patch coming out? its a really great game tho <3

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hi sorry for this but I have a problem I downloded the game and it wont open. what should I do?

Hi! Thanks for the great game! I did notice a couple of bugs while playing it, though. 

Firstly, while trying to access the Codex at one point (I believe in the gods' village), I got this error message:

IOError: Couldn't find file 'gui/codex/entries/places/encsv.jpg'.

Secondly, after the final fight, Leos and Cyne returned (I was playing Fawn's route). The dialogue repeated to an extent, with Leos saying goodbye twice, and Cyne initially agreeing to come with Raen, before then saying he couldn't. It feels as though some of this dialogue might have been from Cyne's route instead of Fawn's.

Thirdly, there wasn't any music during the end credits, and it said "Extended Demo" at the top, although I am pretty certain I was playing the full game.

Sorry if these have been pointed out before. Thanks for the game!



All of those problems were fixed a couple of months ago - I suggest a complete reinstall :)

Thank you!


Is there any difference between the and the steam version?

I was wondering if you guys were ever planning to make a DLC with the 'Divine Speaker'? He was my fav, still sad he isn't a romance. Also wondering if I buy and get the key for steam, will it work even though I'm from germany?


Hey there! He has his own story within TDS so he won't receive any DLC. However, a younger version of him is the main character in the prequel we are currently creating.

Yes, we have been told the Steam key will work even in regions where 18+ games are not allowed. 


Will there ever be a dowloadable android version?

Hello, I'm about to buy this game as I really like it and the art style, I see in the dev blog that there is a voice acting patch reminder from back in march and since it says Late April/Early May I'm gonna guess its out by now but would like confirmation on that first if you don't mind. Also a big fan of your other game in demo The ocean at night. Thank you! 

Hey! We've posted this in most places but we've had some delays with the VA patch-it will take a little longer yet. If you're after the voice acting, it might be best to hold off for a bit! Thank you :D


Thank you very much, I will hold out off to buy it and do so when the VA patch is out. Have a brilliant day.

Hi, I bought this game on steam and it stopped right after everyone got their new clothes. It always send me back to main menu. Is it fixable or do I need to wait for updates?

Hi! Have you played the demo or beta? If so, please make sure you uninstall them and start a brand new save file as demo saves are not compatible. If not, please reinstall anyway and skip through the game to get back to that point - this is where the routes start, so there shouldn't be any issue there. Thank you!

thanks I will try it!



Currently holding off on finishing the game until the voice patch comes out because I really want to play through his route fully voiced, but this game is SO incredible! I was in love since the demo, and I'm even more in love now. 

Phenomenal work, you're all amazing! <3

Is there no demo?

it have demo on steam... back then TDS also have demo on itch but it seem like they removed it...

Oh okay. Thank you so much!

hello!may I ask? I dont know if it annoys you or not,I'm sorry if it is

has this game fully released yet?The game's status was "released" but I asked one of my friend maybe a week ago to make sure before buying the game,he said the game ended here.He couldn't continue

Hello! This is the after credits scene, where the game finishes.

ah It just ended right before Illran said Soren wanted to meet Leos

Raen and Leos reunited in Zarryns lab->credits scene->Raen/Leos travelling to another unknown city->Illran show up and said Soren was asking for Leos->game over

ah yeah ofc I havent played this game yet,I was just retelling what my friend said so sorry if I made any mistake while explaining

Hey there! Yes, as stated before, this is where the game finishes.

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Is the full voice patch coming out soon? I read the note says April to early May, but it's almost June. Also, thanks for making the game, and I enjoyed it so far.

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Hi ! I plan to buy your game in the near future, and I would like to ask a question. Will there be updates to have other languages besides English? I don't know if you've ever thought of that. English doesn't bother me that much but it would be nice to know if we will have other languages than that.

(sorry for my English I use a translation and continue like that, your game I know in advance that it is great !)


Hi! Right now we only plan to have The Divine Speaker in English due to the length of the game. Thank you!


Hello! Can I ask for a update on progress for the voice patch? It's been a little while since the reminder on voice acting patch that came out 49 days ago so I was just wondering about how much voice acting has been completed at this current moment and to hopefully get a general estimate on how much longer it will take. No pressure or anything of course! I'm just curious about it is all.


Hey! We'll announce when it's ready. We have a more detailed post about it on Patreon but rest assured our editor is going as fast as she can to complete it.

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Where can i get more information of the characters??, like the height or something like that? :0

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Are you going make the divine speaker for android?

Hey! No plans to release on Android at this time.

I played Cyne route, waiting on playing the other two until the patch comes out. Fawn is my favorite and Leos VA is amazing!

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