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What's real, and what's only a dream?

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Alone, confined within his prison, the man sits, his back slouched and his arm raised.

In his hand, a paintbrush. 

A weapon in his eyes, perhaps. A tool that could create something from nothing.

Waves crash onto the white shores. The night sky reflects back on itself, a sea of stars amidst the swirling currents. All is calm, yet not.

But, as it were, that world didn’t exist. Couldn’t exist. It would never exist. It could not be created by this hand.

By this hand, all he could create was loneliness.

When introverted artist Noah finds himself deep within a series of murders, he's forced out of his shell and back into reality—or in his case, back into the dreams of those that wronged him in the past.

Surrounded by grief, will Noah be able to move forward and solve the mystery⁠—or will he give in to the demons of his past?

A tale of loss and love, the past and the future. In the world of dreams, will Noah find a way to face reality?

Three Romance Options: Three different routes await you in Dreambound.

Captivating Illustrations: With original sprite and CG art by Sinran, you'll be pulled right into the story.

Gorgeous Backgrounds: Backgrounds by the fantastic anybangchu bring the world of Dreambound to life.

Point and Click Escape Rooms: Dreambound features a handful of escape sections—will Noah be stuck within a dream?

Content warnings
  • Mentions of depression/trauma/suicide
  • Death/murder
  • Homophobia from minor character
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(43 total ratings)
AuthorTwo and a Half Studios
GenreVisual Novel
TagsBoys' Love, Mystery, Yaoi


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damn this game is good i cant wait for the full game......but will payment be required or will it be free play :)

Is this inspired by the comic Night Fragments? 


No, but the artist Sinran who does Night Fragments is also the artist on Dreambound!

Will the full game be free or is payment required?

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omg Ivan..... so damn dreamy and the two toned eyes i can deal with it being a bl but damn he is fine! When does the full game come out? im gonna try the demo for now


It's planned right now for April 2024! Thank you <3

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I need this game, definitely. Please, take my money! XDD
In fact, I love the BSO too. Would you consider selling the BSO too? OAO <3

Anyone know the song name that plays at the start when Noah is painting?


A False Start by Luno?


That's right, Luno was kind enough to let us use his music in game!


thanks ^^

This game is very beautiful in both art and language. I have not been so invested in a game in so long, and this is right up my alley! Mystery, escape room, bl, art, sadness, comedy >w< 

It was interesting in the escape room how to get more story, you take your time and click everything with the objects you find, in that way not all the information was fed to us and could be missed. luckily there are so many saves (which I love, I save sooo much). One thing I was the game had was the ability to punch people because oh boy I have a few people in mind, one especially, I would love to sucker punch into space :-) 

I'm really happy it reached the goal on kickstarter so this game can really come to life!!

I love the art and am excited for the game, BUT
as a person who is terrible at both puzzles and math I am stuck in the first escape room with the darn box, looking at hints and thinking "how am I supposed to make it work?!" /cry

You can download the walkthrough right here on itch!! :D 

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Loved so much about this, especially the story and artwork. One thing I did find trouble with was the escape room, since I felt it took too much time and the beginning of it just felt like you had to click random stuff to continue. It also wasn’t clear whether you had done something correct, but again it could’ve have been the point.

Beside that, I did love the demo and I’m excited to see what happened between them all. Also I already love August and Noah’s interactions, which is just setting myself up for pain considering the opening scene.


By any chance will there be a nsfw content in this game in the future?

We'll have to see what the stretch goals for our Kickstarter are! 11 days left to unlock and reach them ;)

Gorgeous artwork! I wish the demo had a little more Ivan but I'm looking forward to the full game!

Im absolutely in love with this game already but not only is the music beautiful but the artwork as well. and the storyline just kept me wanting to know more and I reached the end wanting to know what happened next. Keep up the awesome work 

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Is the music on bandcamp/spotify?

edit: nvm i found it

 luno -> https://luno.bandcamp.com/album/null-life

zakhar valaha -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxVM-41LSbPV8mCowpkUS4w

kai engels -> https://kaiengel.bandcamp.com/album/sustains

i can't find the rest 

Awesome demo. I'm already pretty invested in some of these characters and want to see more. The escape room gameplay is an interesting addition, and while I doubted my brain there for a second, solving the puzzles felt rewarding in the end. Don't even feel the need to talk about the art and music. Looking forward to the full game!

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This is another one of your GORGEOUS projects! Im absolutely in love with your games. This one in particular reminds me of, may i say, classics such as DMMD, it legit looks like a project of some rich company of hundreds of workers! the work you do is astonoshing!
Will it be on Steam? What about amazing music, will there be an opportunity to buy songs, maybe as DLC?


Personally scared to continue playing where I left off because if I do  I'm going to reach the end of the demo. Who would want this masterpiece to end?!?! (Sorry if the comment is so long, it's my first time playing such an incredible demo I can't help but fangirl over it)

It's so freaking awesome, whenever I saw the cutscene of the black and white transition between the canvas room and the school, I  squealed in excitement at how high-quality it looked. I replayed that exact moment over and over just to look at another piece of it. 

While playing, I had to go do something, and when I came back I finally realized the lyrics and the emotional music that was playing. (I didn't hear it before because of how immersed I was in the dark story) This again shows how freaking awesome the game is!

Have I mentioned how manhwa and handsome looking the characters are? They're the right material to simp for, the music, the characters, art and much more contribute to how 11/10 this game is visually and story-lly.

I haven't finished playing but I can already tell this is going to be a banger of a game! 


Wow, thank you so much for your lovely words. I'm so happy that you're enjoying it so much!!


literally fell to my knees screaming when the demo ended ... i felt like i just watched a high quality BL show and then BOOM it all just got cut off... such an amazing storyline and INSANE art already!! love it so so so much

Thanks SO much for playing!!! So happy you enjoyed it too <3 keep an eye out for our Kickstarter this month!!


Just started to play the demo and already in love with the music


Absolutely love the art!

I’ll play the demo soon❤️


OmO, Absolutely wonderful art. Wahhh. I love it

Thank you!!!

yeeeaahhh I am excited to play this!!


I need this game yesterday. So beautiful and just...this is going to be my new obsession


idk what i just stumbled across but its gay and im gay so it must be a blessing


please this is the best comment