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You're just an ordinary person... or so you thought. For your entire life, you've been narrowly avoiding death by pure luck... or is it something more? When a strange program suddenly appears on your computer, and someone claiming to be the Grim Reaper says he's come for your soul, your life as you know it is thrown upside down.

As you delve deeper into the mysterious man that calls himself the Grim Reaper, you begin to wonder if fate brought you two together for a reason. Can you resist his charm, or will you fall for the one destined to take your soul?

A Date with Death is a supernatural romance chat simulator visual novel about the week long bet you enter against the Grim Reaper to attempt to keep your soul. Create your own character, from appearance to pronouns, decorate your apartment, and spend the (possible) last week of your life getting to know the one hunting for your soul.

💀 Custom Character Creation:

 Build your own protagonist, from their physical appearance to their pronouns and name. Update them throughout the game!

💀 Room Design:

 Decorate your apartment to your liking and create a cozy space that you'll love coming back to.

💀 Pet Your Furry (or scaley?) Companion:

 Yes, you can pet the dog. Snuggle up with your furry friend and let their cute antics help you unwind

💀 Choices That Matter:

 Make decisions that will affect your character's fate and lead you to one of multiple possible endings. What kind of relationship will you have with the Grim Reaper

💀 Gorgeous Original Art: Lose yourself in stunning visuals that bring the story to life, and feel like you're truly part of the world of A Date with Death.

The expansion DLC for A Date with Death is a way to support the (free!) game's development and get a few extras.

  • Extra character customization options (five hair fronts, five hair backs, three fem outfits + recolors, four masc outfits + recolors, and 13 accessories)
  • Adds extra choices and conversations throughout all days (find the â˜… symbol!)
  • Adds one additional ending (including a new CG!)

Updated 1 day ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(1,204 total ratings)
AuthorTwo and a Half Studios
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, chat-sim, chat-simulator, Gay, LGBT, LGBTQIA, message-simulator, Otome, Queer, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityOne button


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Holy poo, well made an every way. And I love the diversity


Thats my BF now >.)




(3 edits) (+9)(-2)

My review, from a gay VN enjoyer's perspective:
a great game; makes me think of scorpy socpens' "maybe ill never die becuse am special" tweet. the premise is fun, the chat-app style interface was creatively done, and grim is a great character. also i'm addicted to the wordle clone. i spent so long playing that over and over, leaving poor grim neglected. sorry grim.

I could talk about my general thoughts, which are largely positive, but i want to focus this review on what i call the "gay immersion rating". that is to say—when it comes to VNs that allow you to be gay, i like to give them a grade based on how seamlessly i can be gay. as a bi man who enjoys VNs, i often find myself in situations where a VN will allow me to choose he/him pronouns, but it's often still quite painfully obvious from the way the games are written that the writers intended for the player to be a straight woman. This is often a source of dysphoria for me, since I also happen to be trans.

My criteria is simple: if I can play through a VN multiple times as a man without ever once feeling like I'm playing the game in a way that the writers did not intend me to, it will get a perfect A+ score. I knock the score down for all the times my "gay immersion" is broken, and by different amounts depending on severity. Rarely, I may even give games an S score if they go out of their way for inclusivity. Note that this grade does not reflect on my overall feelings of the game itself—I can really love a game and still give it a low score—it only reflects my feelings on it's success in the inclusivity department.

In this regard, I give this VN a B. It was originally an A-, because while I could still tell that the player was intended to be a woman, for the most part it was largely through minor things such as:

- the customization options (which seemed to either lean largely toward the feminine side in aesthetic, or when they were more masculine, often lacked the same character that the more feminine options had, leaving very few options that balanced the line between "not aesthetically interesting to me" and "too feminine for my taste". The DLC helps in this regard, just a bit)

- the default pronouns being she/her despite the inclusion of neutral pronouns

- and the hilariously unsexy attempt at seductiveness that comes from all instances of "good girl" being replaced with "good guy".
All of which were small signs of inclusivity-as-an-afterthought, yet forgivable due to their fleeting or otherwise mild nature.

However, I had to unfortunately knock it down a letter grade, because on one subsequent playthrough while testing out some choices i hadnt seen, there was a bit where grim actually fully misgendered me—i suppose in the search-and-replace of "she" pronouns, someone missed one. oops.
I still have not played through every possible choice, so I also have no way of guaranteeing there arent any other mistakes in other choices.

still, most of these instances are minor enough that they can be largely ignored, and even the misgendering only happened in one particular choice branch, which i can avoid now that i know where it is. (For those who want to avoid it as well, I will simply advise you not to choose any choices relating to "national championships"...) and while it's not the best i've seen, I've also seen much, much worse from supposedly inclusive VNs. the ability to choose custom adjectives helped quite a bit and was very much appreciated, since I've noticed for a lot of VNs, their inclusivity-as-an-afterthought often gives itself away in the adjectives the writers choose to use for the player. So allowing the player to choose their own adjectives was quite clever—any dysphoria i got was largely offset by the gender euphoria of grim calling me a handsome man.

overall, i did enjoy this game, and do recommend it. I especially recommend getting the DLC, it includes my favorite of the endings and some of the better clothing options. i hope the next dlc lets me give my MC my handsome aquiline nose and facial hair....

(2 edits) (+3)

The Vibe, the comedy, the music, my goodness I loved this game so much! He the moment and is BABY GIRL. Loved bullying him in the beginning and the option to be a sassy protagonist has my heart. Also customization is amazing, I could get into the vibe with an OC and everything that helped with the flow of the game. It's also unbelievable this has an option to be free too. Wanted to add I'm sold and already bought the dlc and the other to wishlist on steam XD


I love this game alot! It’s rare to find games that you can fully customize things (eheheh, I had pet snake named Baizhu)! And I get yet another character design that can’t help but get flustered 0//0 I finished it awhile ago I got ending 3.. eheh- 

very good! i just wish we could be a bit nicer with death in the beginning...i understand it would be irrealistic to believe him but maybe could our character believing him is faking it.

Ive been questioning my gallery for the past few months surprisingly and i havent gotten the full coloured cg for an ending even though i have the sketch,, i've gone through a save file and doing the ending a few times and it wont appear. What's going on-?? 😢


kinda sad that we make a mc just for them not to be shown😢


i cannot emphasize how much i love the way he looks

(2 edits) (+1)

This was so cute, and also so funny. I had so much fun teasing Grim, especially early on when they first started talking. Me and my MC were determined to get our soul babies too! Also, the customization options are amazing! I feel like it should be a bare minimum when it comes to customization, but I know it's not, so I really appreciated having curly hair options that make sense for Black women to have and don't just look like messy afterthoughts. Also, I got ending 5 my first playthrough and I can't imagine it getting better than that so... 

(1 edit)

am I the only one facing this problem? I just downloaded the game. but every time the story leads to the first appearance customization screen, the game just bugged. The content won't load, and the screen turns black with white boxes. What do you think I should do? sometimes it just turned completely blank.

Hey there!

We've seen this issue occassionally in systems that don't fully support the renderer the engine uses.

I have a couple of suggestions:

1. Firstly, try pressing shift + g in game and changing the renderer. There should be a few options, and you'll have to restart between each change, so try all of the options available.

2. If that doesn't work, try going to your graphics card manufacturers website and make sure there's not an update for your drivers. We've seen this behaviour very rarely with out of date drivers.

3. If you're using a computer with multiple graphics cards, make sure in your OS settings that the game is running using your dedicated graphics cards. Sometimes in two graphic card setups, we've seen computers assign renpy games to the non-dedicated/non-gaming one.

i will admit i only just finished it due to being a huge procrastinator when it comes to nay bad endings and can i just say those endings had me in TEARS!!!!! but the good endings were just so wholesome, so i will say I AM COMPLETELY OBSESSED!!!!


wow this was so good i just HAD to get it on steam too + the dlc lol. not to compare the game w another or anything and idk if it was just me but this game reminded me a lot of error143 but (imo) much better lol


bit rude to compliment a game by putting another down, even if that wasn't your intention

i think so too. nice of them to say one game is good, but not cool to say its better than another.

guys , i failed to comprehend how can i delete saved data from itch games , it's been weeks since i discovered the sweet genre games called visual novels , anyway , i'm in need of a detailed explanation of how to delete the saved data from my laptop , i'll start by saying that most of the ppl i asked told me of the same way which is to :

( navigate to C:\Users\[PCNAME]\AppData\Local and delete the Artifact folder) 

 yet it didn't work and i wasn't prepared to get attacked for asking further explanation so i'll just ask here and there until a kind soul answers me !

Unfortunately the process is different from game to game. The best way is to see if the game itself has a way to delete progress. If not, you can re-download the game, and progress should reset. Alternatively you can contact the developer for advice.

side note : as someone who has been into visual novels for years , i highly recommend findng games that fits your liking through the vndb.org site !! personally , i would advise you to stay away from the erotic or heavily gore implied games ,find the games u like and depending on ur budget , you may as well find free versions of them online :3

thank you for answering , the first thing i did before asking anyone was the logical thing that came to my mind which is deleting the whole game and that didn't work , just let me note that i'm not heavy gamer and i recently discovered this wonderful web which led me to play VN , i had never deleted saved games or back up them before so the whole thing is new to me .

then i tried looking searching manually inside the game files for anything that looks like saved filles or saved data , and i only managed to find this one , i'll add the pic later since i can't see what i'm writing if i put it right now , after that i deleted them thinking they're the ones , and that didn't help either , to be clear i tried this in many VN i played i even restarted my laptop .

if i said that i don't save my games on the C drive will that change anything  ? 

i'm new to this website , for starters i searched answers from the devs and the forums in here , just one dev had answered me , i tried everything i can , i hope someone can resolve my issue since it's my first time in this area .

okay , when i asked the dev , they said navigate to :  (PC: Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\RenPy and delete the Artifact folder ) ofc i changed the user to mine and that didn't help instead it gave me ( no items match your search ) .

i tried searching inside the game files itself and found inside the file called ( game ) _ ( saved ) , i deleted those , then i re entered the game and the saved files are there in their place , nothing got deleted .

in those games i've played , they don't have the option to delete the saved data from inside the game nor they're an auto saved .

i usually save my files into the D drive so i i don't know if that will make any difference but i copied them and pasted them into the C drive and repeated the process which going to (PC: Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\RenPy and delete the Artifact folder )  , i even tried the ( Windows + R ) to open the dialog box then i wrote ( %LocalApp% ) there i manually looked for the game but it didn't appear , it's like the game isn't registered in my device .

i tried to describe my problem with as much details as i can , there were no guides on you tube for itch it only redirected me to steam and steam saves in cloud so that won't help .

my native language is not English so i hope my explanation was easy and i hope this cursed issue get resolved .

thanks in advance .


i'm so sorry for the uncomfortable questions , i just found that you have to download the web app for you to actually be able to delete the saved data , no body told me that info , what a shame . anyway i just wanted to thank you , just don't bother reading my other comments (: peace

Already read them lol , yw !! i didnt know abt the web app thing so i may as well check it out .


que buen juego carajo, la historia es entretenida y el tipo es un churraso

I don't know how to download the game


Can you add it to Android?

OHH al fin sale, amo lo personalizado que puede ser esto


Hi sorry if i wasting your time but i would like to know if your game gonna be realesed for Android




Are the neighbors you eavesdrop on are characters from other games by the same studio or something else? Haven't finished the game yet but I'm their biggest shipper :)


So many dialogue options in this game and Grim is LITERALLY BABY GIRL! It was super fun and captivating the whole way through, and the art is GORGEOUS.


Im destroyed, i cried so hard but it was so good, now i need the other endings!

Question will beyond the bet be an update or a dlc that i have to buy because my currency is different.....also do we finally get to have our soul babies cause imma name one .....Mia if a girl or if a boy Vlad or a different name 

This is great! Loved it ~ I laughed and fangirled quite a lot. xD
This is just the first chapter (because it took me over five hours to read through it all), but I'll be uploading the rest throughout the week. ^_^

The way that i cant play this game cuz my laptop is old :I


if you have a phone, you can use joiplay


DLC **tease him about making soul babies a few more times**

YES. Take my money. xD


will the dlc bring soul babies finally?


i found this game on my sister's computer and it was so great!, god please tell my sis that i use her laptop again lmao


it keeps saying 'File Wasn't Available on Site' when i try to download it :((((((


Great game!!!

Hope for more stuff like this in the future ;)

I wish I could play :( This game looks amazing! I've been trying to load it with linux, but I I keep getting an error:

[S_API] SteamAPI_Init(): SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() did not locate a running instance of Steam.

Will there ever be an android port of the game?


How do I get the DLC items in the character customization part? Do I need to buy them?

This was sooooo cute! Love my little grim <3

Question,, idk if I'm hoping too much BUT I had to ask ;-; is there going to be a sequel someday?

Decided to start a run myself. I'll be finishing up the rest as soon as I can :)

gonna start rn!!! im so excited :

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