Official Artbook/Guidebook out now!

The official artbook for The Divine Speaker is now released!

It includes:

⭐️ Over 270 pages
⭐️ CGs, BGs, sketches, promo art
⭐️ A guide to all endings/routes (including side character routes)
⭐️ An achievement guide
⭐️ Our love

Grab it on Itch:

Or Steam:

Get The Divine Speaker

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Out of curiosity, do you ever have plans to sell printed artbooks? 

Maybe!! Not totally sure of the logistics as of yet because it's quite a large book, but  it would definitely be cool!

How do I view the artbook? I brought it through steam and it takes me to the base game, but I can't find it.

Here's the guide Steam puts out on it:

Found it. Thank you